Data Science for industry
We are experts in data analysis, machine learning and AI.
We implement our solutions in


The portfolio of products dedicated only to the power market allows to meet individual needs of each Market Participant.

gas industry

The GasLux product is the integration of 8 modules which perform specialist tasks in underground gas storage facilities.

district heating

Heat demand forecasts, heat generation and distribution optimization, fault prediction.


A team of experts develops advanced software designed for hospitals, laboratories and physicians which enhance calculations, helps to develop statistics, analyzes medical data and monitors treatment quality.


Enter Industry 4.0 era with industrial processes optimization, predictive maintenance, fault prediction and industrial automation.

How we work

Problem identification

Our team consists of data analysts, optimization specialists, machine learning engineers, developers and UX designers. In the first step, we identify the problem and the needs of our clients.


Knowledge sharing workshop

We highly value domain expertise, so to be able to fully understand the specifics of a given problem, we meet with our clients during kick-off workshops.


Data collection and exploratory data analysis

After getting access to the data we start processing, visualizing and cleansing it. We seek for patterns, normal and abnormal observations. Only after deeply exploring the data we can fit the most appropriate and effective modelling techniques in the next steps.


Identification experiments

In some projects there is a need to perform identification experiments. We know how to perform them, so that they are safe to the plant and do not affect the production plan. We have made such experiments in more than 100 large industrial plants.


Model development

Depending on the project we use different classes of models, including simple statistical models, time series analysis or deep learning. We work with classification, regression, forecasting and clustering models.



Our solutions often consist of multiple modules (e.g. predictive model of a system, forecasting model and an optimizer), which we integrate and test at this stage.



For us, data is more than just numbers. It is machines, devices, operators or whole systems that they come from and for which they serve. That is why in the last step we deploy our solutions as maximally effective and user-friendly apps, so you can fully leverage the power of analytics.

Our clients:

“I have been successfully working together with Transition Technologies for several years on two major research studies: EPISTOP and EPIMARKER. All analysis has been of good quality and on time. The contributions from data analysts have been particularly important to the project, not only through efficient and accurate completion of the tasks but also through their reliable, fruitful inspiration to others involved in methodological discussions and interpretation of findings.”

Prof. Katarzyna Kotulska-Jóźwiak
Manager of the Neurology and Epilepsy Clinic (The Children’s Memorial Health Institute)

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