Our team
Head of R&D. Managed numerous research and product commercialization projects in areas of advanced control systems, optimization and data analysis in industry and healthcare.
Konrad Wojdan, PhD
R&D Director
Experienced data analyst with strong statistics background that he has used in large projects in sociology, education and medical Big Data.
Kamil Sijko
Lead Data Scientist
Expert in creation and deployment of advanced optimization systems with over 20 years of experience.
Michał Warchoł, PhD
Scientific Consultant
Power Engineering PhD student, working with industrial data of power plants and district heating systems, anomaly and failure detection as well as predictive modelling in energy and district heating sector.
Teresa Kurek
Power Engineering PhD student, holds Master's Degree from two European Universities (Stockholm, Grenoble) obtained within the InnoEnergy Master's programme. Experienced in mathematical modelling of physical processes and large scale optimization.
Jakub Białek
Computer Science PhD student, business analyst in healthcare software domain. Medical data analyst in clinical trials and commercial projects.
Jagoda Głowacka
Power Engineering PhD student specializing in optimization methods in district heating and energy sector as well as mathematical modelling.
Michał Guzek
Analyst with power engineering background. Experienced in industrial data analytics and predictive maintenance. Took part in machine learning R&D projects in energy sector and customer analytics.
Bartosz Królikowski
Work with us

The main question that every data science beginner asks himself is: R or Python?

Don’t worry, we don’t know the answer to this question either! That is why our team consists of both R and Python enthusiasts.
  • Yes, we like each other 🙂
  • That’s right, sometimes we disagree and prove that one language is better than the other.
  • And yes, Python developers use R from time to time and vice versa.
We often cooperate with software engineers or database specialists, so if you feel comfortable in any of programming technologies, join us! Current openings